Omega Lamps

Omega Lamps

This base is inspired by a lamp produced by the Omega Workshops in 1913.

VASE Oval Room

Omega, Vase, Oval Room
Omega Lamp VASE Oval Room: base £96 10″ EMPIRE shade £60. This base is inspired by a lamp produced by the Omega Workshops in 1913.


Omega Mosaic Green
Omega Mosaic Green: base £96 10″ EMPIRE shade £70

MYRA ochre

Omega Myra Yellow
Omega Myra Ochre: base £96 16″ COOLIE shade £86


Omega Black
Omega Black: base £96 12″ EMPIRE shade £77


Omega Kristian Yellow
Omega Kristian Yellow: base £96 12″ EMPIRE shade £88

ETHEL berry

Omega Ethel Berry
Omega Ethel Berry: base £96 16″ COOLIE shade £100


Omega Summer
Omega Summer: base £96 12″ EMPIRE shade £102


Omega Kristian Red
Omega Kristian Red: base £96 16″ COOLIE shade £100


Omega Quentin Blue
Omega Quentin Blue: base £96 12″ COOLIE shade £102

ETHEL sienna

Omega Sienna Ethel
Omega Sienna Ethel: base £96 12″ EMPIRE shade £88


Omega Classic
Omega Classic: base £96 12″ EMPIRE shade £77


Omega Leaf
Omega Leaf: base £96 16″ COOLIE shade £100

ETHEL blue

Omega Ethel Blue
Omega Ethel Blue: base £96 16″ COOLIE shade £100

10 thoughts on “Omega Lamps

  1. Just one more question please
    I am thinking of the Tristian lamp. The existing old lamp I have is the size I am looking for. It is 14 inches to lamp ring. I need to know how tall the shade is and the overall height as I have a painting on the wall it may block, The lamps are fabulous.

  2. I absolutely want to purchase the Omega Lamp with Yellow Kristian Empire shade. I live in California, USA. Where/how do I make this happen????

  3. I want the same as JOANNE. Omega Yellow Kristian with Empire shade. I live in Southern California, USA.
    Please send me information on purchasing.

  4. I am interested in the Omega lamp as advertised in AD several months ago. How tall is the lamp from bottom to top of shade and how do I order?

  5. Hi Odella Thanks for the enquiryThe Omega Base with 12″ empire shade stands at 22″.This is exactly how to order – by email directly to me.I should perhaps tell you at this stage that my lead time takes us into January. Best WishesMadeleine

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  6. Madeleine
    Thanks for your response re lamp size. As suggested I emailed you directly with lamp order Kristian YellowOmegabase22empireshade12”
    I am inquiring about order receipt and order status.

    Odella Welch

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