Bloomsbury LampsLampbases are turned to my own design on a hand-lathe. I am currently working with four base designs for table lamps; Omega, Deco, Café and Charleston. Bases are handpainted and wired with a braided ‘old gold’ flex. All shades and bases may be bought individually. Standard bases are all ‘found’ and reclaimed.


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  1. Please can you tell me how to measure the height. Is it from bottom to top of bulb click in bracket or just bottom to top of base.

  2. Hi, I saw one of your lamps in Architectural Digest, and just loved it. I went to your website and they are all beautiful, but just love the Omega lamp with Yellow Kristian empire shade,
    Can a Yellow Kristian Empire shade be done in any diameter? What is the wattage of bulb that can be used? Also, how tall in inches is the base of the lamp? Do you ship to the United States? Thank you very much.

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