Madeleine BradburyMy name is Madeleine Bradbury and I am a painter.

I have been working under the spell of the Post Impressionists for many years and in the early nineties my business ‘Bloomsbury Interiors’ was born, prompted by the spirit of the Omega workshops.

My intention is to introduce decorative spontaneity into our living spaces. The style is painterly and invitational. The invitation is to challenge the mass produced and the blandness of co-ordinated interior décor.

I want to introduce art into kitchens and corridors, lighting and furniture – which challenges aesthetic passivity and creates a vital and stimulating living environment.

Everything is functional

How to Order
Talk to me:
Phone: +44 (0)1273 709055

Write to me at:
Bloomsbury Interiors
25 Prince’s Crescent, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 3RA. United Kingdom

Postage & Packing
Shades and table lamps are sent by Royal Mail and postage is determined by weight. Parcels usually cost less than £15.00 to send!

I also exhibit at a number of craft/design fairs each year. Contact me for details.